Message Dr. Hermsen

Dear patient of Huisartsenpraktijk Hermsen,

I would like to inform you about the health situation of Dr. Hermsen.

First of all, she would like to thank you very much for all the heartwarming and sweet comments, flowers, cards and personal attentions she has received from you over the past few months. This makes her feel very supported and strengthened during this difficult and uncertain period.

In the meantime she had breast-conserving surgery and radiation. Doctor Hermsen is recovering well, but is still very tired. The future looks bright at the moment and she is doing well under the circumstances. If her recovery continues in this way, she will cautiously return to work in September. In any case, at the start she will not run a full consultation hour and is irregularly present.

We, the team of Huisartsenpraktijk Hermsen, realize that this period – in combination with the corona crisis – causes unrest. We therefore thank you very much for your comprehension and your sympathy.

On behalf of Huisartsenpraktijk Hermsen,

Heribert Korte, practice manager