Huisartsenzorg Delft is located at Medisch Centrum Delft (Medical Centre Delft):

Beukenlaan 4a

Telephone: (015) 213 53 58
Emergency: (015) 213 53 58, then dial 1

Medisch Centrum Delft is located behind nursing home De Bieslandhof. For a route description by public transport, please click here.

From the Van Miereveltlaan near the bus stop Bieslandhof take the Lindelaan (you will see supermarket Plus). Almost immediately, on your right side you take the road to De Bieslandhof (this is the Beukenlaan). In the area of De Bieslandhof you follow the road signs ‘Medisch Centrum Delft’.

Warning: Medisch Centrum Delft has very limited parking capacity. You park in a so-called blue zone for which you need a parking disc. If you park your car outside the designated car parks, you risk a parking ticket. If you park on one of the GP parking places, your car will be towed away. We advise you to travel by public transport, on foot or by bicycle whenever possible.


If you are not able to visit Huisartsenzorg Delft itself, for example because you are too ill, (temporarily) disabled or you have walking difficulties, then the GP can visit you at home. You must telephone the practice at (015) 213 53 58 from Monday until Friday between 08.00 am and 11.30 am and ask for a house-call. The doctor’s assistant or nurse practitioner and the GP will evaluate as to whether a house-call is necessary. It is important to remember that we are able to carry out more tests and have better opportunities for treatment at the practice. It goes without saying that house-calls are not intended for patients who do not have time to visit Huisartsenzorg Delft or who have transportation problems.