Measures Corona

Measures Corona

Due to the Coronavirus (Covid19), your visit to the Medical Center Delft and our GP practice is different than you are used to. We want to keep it as safe as possible for you, for the other patients and for ourselves. Therefore, please follow the following rules:

  • Always wear a face mask in the center.
  • Follow the indicated routes in the center.
  • Keep your distance from other patients.

Of course you can contact us by phone for all your health questions. Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to make an appointment online. We provide care by telephone or e-consultation as much as possible. It is also possible to make a video calling appointment. Requests for prescriptions and referrals are done by email as much as possible.

If we think we should see you in the practice, we will make an appointment with you. For this we ask you the following:

  • Only come to the practice if you have an appointment. For other questions: please contact us by phone first.
  • Do not come to the practice too early (maximum five minutes before the start of your appointment).
  • If possible, come without a companion.
  • If you have respiratory complaints or a fever, you are not allowed to come to the practice! In that case, please contact us by phone so that we can help you further.

We thank you very much for your cooperation.

Testing for Corona

If you have complaints that could indicate a Corona infection, please call the GGD: (0800) 1202. You can also make an appointment online via the Corona Test website of the Dutch government. If you have tested positive (ie you have an infection with the Covid19 virus), you must inform us.

If your complaints are more serious or you think it is necessary to visit the doctor, please contact the practice by telephone.

If you have no complaints, but you need a test for a trip or a conference abroad, for example: contact a traveler’s vaccination center or KLM health services (Schiphol) in good time.