Update doctor Hermsen

Doctor Hermsen is back home after three and a half months after her admission to the rehabilitation center. In any case, she has another year of outpatient rehabilitation to undergo, but it is also possible that this will take longer. She is still working and fighting hard on her recovery, but it is and remains a long-term road. It is impossible to predict how she will eventually recover from her cerebral hemorrhage.

Much to her sorrow and regret, it has now been established that she can no longer practice her profession as a general practitioner. She is therefore unfortunately forced to say goodbye to you, the patient, and to the general practice. We are looking for a worthy successor who will continue the practice in the spirit of Dr. Hermsen. She thanks you for the trust you have placed in her.

Your expressions of sympathy are still pouring in at the practice. Doctor Hermsen appreciates them very much, but she doesn’t know how to thank you personally. In any case, she wants to let you know that she is very grateful to you. We would like to take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

Herbert Korte

practice manager